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About Atlas Peak Studio

Atlas Peak is perhaps best known as an AVA in Napa Valley, and the tallest point in the western Vaca Range at over 2600 feet. As a teenager, I knew it as a winding rural road that my friends liked to street luge down. Atlas Peak has loomed large at other points in my personal history as well. It evokes Napa, without overtly stating Napa. It's rustic and beautiful, difficult and dangerous. And quite frankly, it's an elegant phrase that feels pleasing to say. All of those things appeal to me.


So welcome to Atlas Peak Studio.

Client Work:

Marketing Consultation, Content CreationBrand Photography, and Copywriting are the bread and butter of Atlas Peak Studio. Other services I offer to select clients include:

  • Brand Development

  • Digital Marketing Strategy

    • Social Media Content and Advertising (Meta, LinkedIn, TikTok)

    • Google Ads, SEO, SEM

    • Email Newsletters, Drip Campaigns, and Sales/Conversion Campaigns

    • Integrated Channel Marketing

    • Segmented Campaign Design and Execution

  • Conversion Copywriting

  • Customer Acquisition and Retention Strategy

  • and more

Personal Work:

I am a writer, photographer, and mixed-media artist. Much of my art has a literary theme to it, and I often use old book pages to make my pieces. I like to combine poetry and visual art using paper, acrylic paint, glue, wood, and other objects. I sell my photography, poetry, and mixed-media art at my studio in the 100 Coombs Creative Collective during our monthly Open Studios, and at various events throughout Napa Valley.

I also offer fine art portrait photography and specialize in large archival wall art installations. Please visit my other website for more information.

About Melissa

My passion is in storytelling, ultimately. That is why photography and writing have always called to me. Both art forms tell a story, and I work tirelessly to always tell compelling stories.


I’m a former marketing executive with clients ranging from wineries, winery tech platforms, B2B wine businesses, luxury and boutique hotels, and more.

I have directed professional photoshoots, developed brand campaigns, designed product launches,

mo linkedin_edited.jpg

coordinated multi-day influencer campaigns, created dozens of integrated and segmented channel marketing campaigns, and worked directly with end consumers in planning large-scale, multi-day events. I am proficient at developing and executing an idea, building a campaign around it, and creating the assets required, for any purpose or objective. 

I earned my BA degree from San Francisco State University in English-Creative Writing with a concentration in Language Studies. I worked for an indie publisher and several literary nonprofit organizations for many years while in school and after completing my degree. I have certifications in Conversion Copywriting, Professional Photography, Graphic Design, and Strategic Marketing. I have a lifelong love of learning new things, so I frequently enroll in continuing education courses to refine my skills and enhance my repertoire. 

Please feel welcome to call or email me to discover how I may be able to serve your organization or business.





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